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  • Initial Meetings
  • Our values inform our actions.

    We work with potential clients to determine whether our values match their values, as well as to ensure that we have the necessary skills to address their identified needs and deliver actionable results.  This pre-contracting is without charge.

    Once contracted, we establish clear lines of communication throughout the consulting process, adjusting steps as informed by new data, and trusting the client to engage with us in collaborative planning and problem solving.

    We strive to act with integrity and honesty. We see the work as a shared endeavor requiring candor, feedback, and timeliness. We believe in our client’s abilities and are there to enhance, support, and forward the positive directions they are choosing.

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“For the past three years, Deb and I have taught together in a leadership program.  Her deep knowledge and experience allows us to teach a wide range of skills.  But equally valuable to me and the program are her process skills, which create an emotionally safe environment that encourages personal and professional growth.  Beyond that she’s fun to work with!”

~ Robert Keteyian, author of Communication Styles Workbook: Tools for Discovering Your Personal Communication Style