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Strategic Planning
For Maine Nonprofit Organizations

  • Strategic Planning creates a focused opportunity for board members and staff to think intentionally about the organization’s future direction and collectively consider:
      • What is the most potent vision we can foresee?
      • What is changing in the world that impacts our mission?
      • What scale do we need to be functioning at to achieve this vision?
      • What can we stop doing?
      • What capacities and or infrastructure do we need to develop?
      • What partners should we approach for collaboration or affiliation?

    Through a progression of well-informed discussions, board and staff coalesce around a compelling organizational vision and then develop strategies and benchmarks to move toward that vision. This process engages all parts of the organization while developing strategic thinking muscles. The result is a well-crafted sustainability plan that guides future decision-making and helps navigate the continual dance between planning and being responsive.

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“Facilitating group sessions requires deft skills so that everyone gets to the same place in the end. Deb Burwell guided the thinking/discussion, validated the outliers and helped identify the path going forward. We discovered we all enjoyed the journey.”

~ Betsy Fitzgerald, Chair, Washington County Food and Fuel Alliance

“Deb Burwell of Paddling the Rapids is a rare gifted individual. Over the past six years I have seen her magic in a number of arenas. She is a sublime facilitator. The Community Caring Collaborative has depended on her time and time again to help convene partners and to create responsive shared programming.

Paddling the Rapids understands that responsiveness and building relationship are the two most important attributes in creating a viable vibrant consulting resource. It is a gem of an organization. Their communication skills, ability to listen and to assimilate information is transformative to the process they create for organizations.

Paddling the Rapids offers individualized consultation to help non- profits achieve their goals. I depend on Deb’s knowledge and expertise to sort out issues and help plan for the future. I can think of few people who I trust as deeply.”

~ Marjorie Withers, Co-Director Community Caring Collaborative

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