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    Maine Nonprofit Consultants Deb Burwell and Carol Carriuolo offer consulting, coaching, planning, and guidance to address these challenges, while they build both leadership and organizational capacity.Paddling the Rapids describe the condition within which permanent white water defines the world of today’s nonprofit leaders – it is a continual disorderly procession of surprising, novel, ill-structured events demanding a leader’s learning and constant attention.”
    (Peter Vail, Managing As A Performing Art)

    Like paddling the rapids, Maine leaders are faced daily with a multitude of issues and decisions competing for their finite time, energy, and resources.

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    Deb Burwell and Carol Carriuolo

    Deb Burwell and Carol Carriuolo

“I began attending Paddling sessions shortly after becoming the executive director of a non-profit in the Bangor region. There were many complex issues for which I had no one to consult so I feel very lucky to have been able to find my paddling peers. Every problem that they or I brought to the table garnered intense focus and consequently a multitude of strategies for resolution. Other beneficial activities included learning how to describe my agency’s mission in a meaningful “elevator” speech.  These highly confidential and peer based meetings helped me grow as a leader more than any leadership training I have ever attended. I would be remiss if I didn’t add that the facilitators are tremendously skilled and have been able to elicit participation from even the most introverted of us.”  

~ Noelle Merrill, Executive Director, Eastern Agency on Aging


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